October 3, 2015


It wasn’t until this morning that I remembered this week is the anniversary of my grandmother’s death. I write this in awe because it is in this moment that I now connect the reason for the incredible shift that has taken place in my life within the last 24 hours. As soon as I made the connection I could feel her with me. I feel alive and bright and electric. And more than ever I feel peace within, a deep love inside that makes me want to weep. Taking the time to sit still I feel that she is with me and that somehow she has contributed to this recent shift.

My grandmother’s story is one of adventure, courage and invincibility. She never spoke of fear and lived her life committed to the experience of life and taking advantage of opportunities which fed her spirit and as she would say fed her brain. Never was she concerned with other’s opinions or observations of her life, she was her own teacher and held herself in high regard.

There are many times when I feel my life is unfolding and developing without my consent and the heaviness of fighting the present moment sneaks up and rears its ugly head.  I forget so easily that when I just go with the flow, doors open, miracles become clear and heaviness is replaced with transparency.  In these moments I do remember to ask for guidance and despite the numerous opportunities I face, my prayers are always answered and I am able to let go and let God once again.  I am lighter, more grateful and able to accept and embrace all that crosses my path.  I long to keep this feeling with me but am smart  enough to know that this feeling too shall pass.  Life will continue its ebb and flow and I shall follow my course accordingly.


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