I Write Because…

I write because there is something therapeutic in letting raw emotion and thought pour through me on to paper.  It allows me to dump my brain of the never-ending chatter and sort through what is meaningful and meaningless.  Writing brings me to stillness and allows me to connect with others on a universal plane.  Writing  also allows me to connect with something greater than myself.

By sharing my writing with people I don’t know, I feel the energy of my words transcend the paper they are written on, finding their way to someone with a similar experience.  Writing, for me is about connection.

Writing allows me to release, explore, and connect on the deepest level possible.  Writing allows me the freedom to express any and all feelings without inhibition.  In my every day life I am not always able to express myself as freely depending on the circumstances.  I write because I am a truth seeker and desire to connect with those who are courageous enough to live beyond the daily mask of diplomacy.

I write because there is a quiet voice inside of me that wants to be heard.  As a former dancer that quiet voice would come to life through movement and communicate with its audience.  Writing gives me a very similar feeling.